Bare Rental Crane Service

Our sister company, Incuipco, provides many of the same types of equipment for bare rental requirements. 

Mr. Crane provides
cranes for bare rentals.

Mr. Crane provides full-service, operated cranes. Our sister company, Incuipco, provides many of the same types of equipment for bare rental requirements. Because both businesses support projects with very different job site requirements, Mr. Crane and Inquipco are run with separate specialized operations teams. This delineation allows Mr. Crane and Inquipco to deliver the highest service levels to all customers.

Rough Terrain Cranes

Great off-road capabilities. Excellent ground clearances and durable construction make these great machines for the most rugged job-sites. Lifting capacities from 30 to 150 ton.

Boom Trucks

Road legal cranes that are ideal for lighter lifting requirements. Easily travel from job-site to job-site. Man basket and remotes allow these machines to be used as a crane and aerial work platform. Lifting capacities from 26 to 50 ton, and working heights of up to 166’

Crawler Cranes

Ideal project cranes with strong lifting capacities. Great pick & carry applications. Long boom combinations with fixed and luffing jib options. Many available attachments to configure the machine to the specific requirements of the project. Lifting capacities from 75 to 600 ton.

AWP Trucks

Road legal trucks with man lift capabilities. Easily travel to a job and provide working heights comparable to any self-propelled man lift. Some units have hoists allowing these machines to double as a work platform and a small capacity crane. Working heights from 60 to 150’, with hoist capacities up to 15,000 lbs.

High Capacity Forklifts

Great pick and carry machines. Lift and move equipment or materials without providing a certified crane operator. Straight mast and extendable boom options for any forklift application. Hook and hoist attachments to customize the machine to the requirement. Lifting capacities up to 50,000 lbs.

Carry Deck Cranes

Ideal for lifts that require a compact, low-profile crane to maneuver in tight spaces and clear overhead obstacles. Offering a 360-degree rotating boom housed in the center of the machine with lifting capacities of 15-25 tons.